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– 2020 –

The Moderate size 2019 September Mw 5.8 Silivri Earthquake Unveils The Complexity of the Main Marmara Fault Shear Zone
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The effect of active extensional tectonics on the structural controls and heat transport mechanism in the Menderes Massif geothermal province: Inferred from three-dimensional electrical resistivity structure of the Kurşunlu geothermal field (Gediz Graben, western Anatolia)
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Probing the relationship between electrical conductivity and creep through upper crustal fluids along the western part of the North Anatolian Fault with three-dimensional magnetotellurics
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Anatomy of active volcanic edifice at the Kusatsu-Shirane volcano, Japan, by magnetotellurics: hydrothermal implications for volcanic unrests
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– 2016 –

Seismicity distribution and locking depth along the Main Marmara Fault, Turkey
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– 2015 –

Seismicity distribution and locking depth along the Main Marmara Fault, Turkey
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– 2014 –

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Caucasus Seismic Emergency Response-Causer
SfP 983284, Niyazi Türkelli, Final Report, NATO.

A Bayesian Approach to Determine the Average Shape of the Slip-Rate Function and the Rupture Velocity Using Near- Field Phases; the 2003 Mw6.6 Bam Earthquake Example
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– 2013 –

Rapid changes in the electrical state of the 1999 Izmit earthquake rupture zone
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– 2012 –

Deep Earthquakes beneath the Northern Caucasus: Evidence of Active or Recent Subduction in Western Asia
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Shear wave splitting as a proxy for stress forecast of the case of the 2006 Manyas-Kus Golu (M-b=5.3) earthquake
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Decomposing of compliance tensor for fractures and transversely-isotropic medium.
Diner, Çağrı ,
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Lg Wave Attenuation in the Isparta Angle and Anatolian Plateau (Turkey)
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Pure and Applied Geophysics, DOI10.1007/s00024-012-0517-1

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