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Department of Geophysics, Boğaziçi University

Email :            
Phone :                    +90 (216) 516 32 73
Fax :                        +90 (216) 332 26 81

Postal Address :   Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute,
                              Department of Geophysics Çengelköy, İstanbul 34684 Turkey




·         B.Sc. in Geophysics, Istanbul University, Turkey. 1972
·         M.Sc. in Seismology, Istanbul University, Turkey, 1976
·         Ph.D. in Seismology, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, 1984

 Work experience

·         1997-Present  Professor, Department of Geophysics, Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute,-KOERI , Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey.
·         2010-Present  Member, IRIS- International Development Seismology Committee
·         2004-2007      Chairman, Department of Geophysics, KOERI, Bogazici University,
·         2004-2006      Deputy Director, KOERI, Bogazici University,
·         2003-2006      Director, Belbasi Nuclear Test Monitoring Center, KOERI, Bogazici University,
·         2000- 2003     Head of the IMS Belbasi (BRTR -PS43) array. KOERI, Bogazici University,
·         1992-1997      Assoc. Prof. Department of Geophysics, KOERI, Bogaziçi University,
·         1994- 1997     Turkish delegate to Conference on Disarmament for the Ad Hoc Group of Scientific Experts meeting in the United Nations in Geneva.
·         1994-2000      Member of the Turkish Delegation to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization-CTBTO
·         1992-1999      Head of the Seismological Observatory at  KOERI.: Establishment of On-Line, Dial-up and Broad Band Seismic Networks in Turkey.  Establishment of the Data and Information Center for KOERI. Establishment of the data acquisition and monitoring systems for the National Data Center (NDC) at KOERI
·         1985-1991     Assist. Professor, Seismological-Geophysical Observatory, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Planning, Installation and Operation Studies of the Saudi Arabian National Seismic Network.
·         1982-1985     Director, IRIS (ANTO), Ankara Seismic Broad-band Station, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey,
·         1980-1985     Instructor, Department of Geological Engineering, Middle East Technical    University, Ankara, Turkey.

Research Projects    


·         Principle Investigator:3-D Velocity Structure of the Northwest extension of North Anatolian Fault (Ganos Fault), sponsored by Bogazici University Research Fund:BAP 5561.
·         Principle Investigator: 3-D Lithospheric Structure of Isparta Angle and Southwestern Turkey by Surface Tomography and Ambients Noise Correletion , sponsored by Bogazici University Research Fund:BAP 5144.
·         Co-Investigator:  Caucasus Seismic Emergency Response-CAUSER”, Sponsored by NATO SfP 983282.
·         Co-Investigator: “High-Resolution Seismic Velocity and Attenuation Models of the Caucasus-Caspian region”. Sponsored by US Department of Energy DESC52-06NA27305.
·         Principle Investigator: “A Stable Regional Magnituted Methodology: Application to IMS Stations in the Eastern Mediterranean Region”, sponsored by US Department of Energy, DE-FC03-01SF22416/A000, 2000-2002.
·         Coordinator and Co-Investigator; “Collaborative Research: Mantle Dynamics and Continental Deformation in the Isparta Angle”, sponsored by the research fund of University of Missouri, 2006-2007.
·         Coordinator and Co-Investigator; “Eastern Turkey Seismic Experiment: Lithospheric Structure in an Active Continental Collision Zone”, sponsored by the USA National Science Foundation- NSF, EAR-9804780, 1999-2003.
·         Principle Investigator: “Doğu Anadolu Bölgesinin Uydu Görüntüleri ve Hava Fotoğrafları Kullanılarak Aktif Tektonik Öğelerinin Belirlenmesi”, sponsored by Boğaziçi University Research Fund-99T206, 1999-2001.
·         Co-Investigator; "Focal Mechanism Studies of Erzincan and izmir Earthquakes", sponsored by the USA National Science Foundation- NSF, 1995-1996.
·         Co-Investigator; "Seismicity of the Marmara Region", sponsored by the Turkish National Research Foundation-TUBITAK and the Bogaziçi University Research Foundation, 1995-1996.                       
·         Consultant; "An Investigation of Crustal Structure Beneath Riyadh Region from Spectral Analysis of P-wave Data”-PI: Dr. Abdullah Al Amri", sponsored by the King Abdulaziz City and Technology (KACST), Project No: AR-13-46, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1993-1995.

In Progress

  • Coordinator and Co-Investigator; “Continental Dynamics/Central Anatolian Tectonics (CD-CAT): Surface to mantle dynamics during collision to escape”, sponsored by the USA National Science Foundation- NSF, 2012-present.
  • Coordinator and Co-Investigator; “Deep Crustal Structure of the North Anatolian Fault Zone and The Earthquake Cycle”, sponsored by the Natural Environment Research Council- NERC, NE/I028017/1, 1 October 2011-present.  < >
  • Co-Investigator:  Caucasus Seismic Emergency Response-CAUSER”, Sponsored by NATO SfP 983282, 2009-present.

Courses Offered

·         Seismology, Advanced Seismology, Observational Seismology, Seismic Instrumentation. Introduction to Seismology

Guided Theses

MSc/PhD Theses Completed

PhD :
·         Rengin Gök, 2001. “Regional Wave Propagation and Attenuation in Turkey and Surrounding Regions: Implications for Lithospheric Structure”.


·         Metin Kahraman, 2008. “Crustal Structure of the Isparta Angle and Surrounding Regions P-Receiver Function Analysis”
·         Gülten Polat, 2006. “Seismic Anizotropy and Mantle Flow Beneath Turkey”
·         Uğur Mustafa Teoman, 2005. “3-D P wave Velocity Structure Beneath Eastern Turkey Applying Local Earthquake Tomography (LET) Method”.
·         Tuna Eken, 2003. “An Application Of The Coda Methodology For Moment Rate Spectra Using Three Broadband Stations In Turkey”
·         Seyhun Püskülcü. 1996. "Attenuation of Lg phases in Eastern Turkey". 
·         Gonca Örgülü, 1996.  "Standardization of the duration based magnitude for earthquakes in the Eastern Mediterranean Region”.
·         Rengin Gök, 1995. "Polarization analysis of short period converted waves for determining the upper crustal structure of the Izmit Bay".
·         Nusret Emekli, 1985.  "Seismicity of the area between Izmit and Kastamonu", 1985.

MSc/PhD Theses in Progress

PhD: Mustafa Ugur Teoman and Metin Kahraman
MSc: Ersin Çakır

 Publications (SCI) 

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