GPH 520 Mathematical Methods in Geophysics
                                                                                 Spring 2012
OFFICE: New Geophysics Building, 2nd floor
OFFICE HOURS: Thursdays 15:00-17:00
CLASS HOURS: Mondays 13:00-16:00

Description:  This course is a Master’s level course on Plate Tectonics and Crustal Dynamics.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Geophysics and Basic Applied Mathematics.

Goal: The goal is to obtain a broad view of how plate tectonics work, with some basic physics behind it. We will also focus on real and modern problems of tectonics.

Linear Systems and Matrices

  • A brief History of Plate Tectonics
  • Geometrical Aspects of Plate Motions, Tectonics on a Sphere
  • Introduction to GMT (Generic Mapping Tool)
  • Past Plate Motions and Paleomagnetism
  • Isostasy & Gravity Anomalies
  • Heat, Conduction and Convection
  • Crustal Deformation 
  • Seismic Cycle
  • The Oceanic Lithosphere
  • The Continental Lithosphere
  • Tectonics of Anatolia

Grading Plan

Homework assignments: 20 %
Class Presentations: 15 %
Midterm: 30 %
Final Paper: 35 %

Homework assigments:.

There will be only a few homework asigments. But these assignments will be elaborate.

Collaboration is welcome and strongly encouraged for the homework assignments. It is not OK to copy answers from each other without putting some thought into it.

Class Presentations:

The Students will be asked to do a class presentation of a scientific paper that will be assigned by the instructor depending on the interests of the specific student. You will be graded on your understanding of the concepts, depth of knowledge as well as quality of presentation.

Final Project:

The students are required to do a final paper. This will be a tectonic, geophysical problem that will be selected by the student with the input and consent of the instructor. This final paper has to be almost like a research paper. Significant amount of article and book reading is necessary to identify and analyze a real world problem. Further information on the final paper will be given in class later.


Lecture Slides

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