GPH540 Wave Propagation I – Spring 2006


Instructor: Hayrullah Karabulut ( )



Lay, T. and Wallace, T.C., 1995, Modern global seismology, Academic Press.

Stein, S. And Wysession, M.,2003, An introduction to seismology, earthquakes and earth structure,Blackwell Publishing.

Agustin Udias, 1999, Principles of Seismology, Cambridge University Press

Kazım Ergin, 1995, Advanced Seismology (Rays and Waves), Tübitak

Bedford, A.. and Drumheller, D.S.,1994, Elastic Wave Propagation, Wiley Publishers.

Office Hours : None


Course goal:


 Understand the nature of seismic wave propagation



Transverse Waves on a String

·         Derivation of the wave equation

·         A general solution of the one-dimensional wave equation

·         Initial and boundary conditions

·         Solution by the separation of variables


Acoustic waves

·         Derivation of the acoustic wave equation

·         Plane acoustic waves

·         Reflection and Transmission at a plane interface

·         Spherical acoustic waves


Ray Theory

·         Waves and rays

·         Eikonal equation


Fundamentals of an elastic medium

·         Stress, Strain and displacement

·         Hooke’s law and elasticity coefficients

·         Equation of motion

·         Potential functions of displacements


Elastic waves

·         Wave equation for an elastic medium

·         Solutions of the wave equation

·         Displacement, velocity and acceleration

·         Plane waves

·         Cylindirical waves

·         Spherical waves


Reflection and refraction

·         Snell’s law

·         Reflection and refraction in liquid media

·         Reflection and refraction in elastic media

·         Reflection on a free surface

·         Motion at a free surface



Solution of wave equations

·         Lamb’s problem

·         Sommerfeld and Weyl integrals

·         Analytical solution of wave equations




  30%   Quiz           30%   Midterm exam     40%   Final  Exam

  AA : 95-100        BA : 80-94     BB : 70-79       CB : 60-69    CC : 50-59    F < 50