PhD. Program

Graduate programs leading to the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy in Geodesy, Geophysics and Earthquake
Engineering include ;

a) A minimum number of 21 credits of course work to be completed in at most four successive semesters,
b) A dissertation to be completed in at least four at most six semesters following the completion of the course work.

The minimum number of credits of formal course work is made up of elective courses, at the discretion of the particular program in which the student is registered. Since a Ph.D. program is essentially the pursuit of individual interest in a specific professional field, the course work is planned under the guidance of an advisor to fit each student’s specific objectives and needs. The 21 credits of course work should normally comprise 600 level courses; however, 400 and 500 level courses without credit, a maximum two 500 level courses with credit, may be included in the program by the approval of the advisor.

The students without an M.Sc. degree from Bogazici University must take at least two 500 or 600 level courses in addition to their regular Ph.D. program.

Upon completion of course work with a grade-point average of at least 3.0, the student is required to pass a qualifying examination. Subsequently, the student can start dissertation work under the supervision of an advisor appointed by the Institute.
The degrees of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred on candidates who have demonstrated general proficiency and high attainment of knowledge and competence in their special field of study, as well as capacity to carry out an independent investigation as evidenced by presentation of an acceptable dissertation embodying the results of original research. The degree requirements are completed on passing an oral examination.

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