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Shaking Table Laboratory


Turkey is confronted with the problem of earthquakes. The role of shaking table test is increasingly important in assuring the performance of structures during earthquake. The Department of Earthquake Engineering at Kandilli observatory earthquake engineering research institute of Bogazici University has recently acquired two shake table facilities to conduct experimentation in structural dynamics and particularly how to monitor and actively control structures subjected to earthquake ground motions or other force excitations. The central feature of the new established Shaking laboratory is an advanced, closed-loop, servo-controlled electro-hydraulic seismic simulator or shake table. This high performance seismic simulator can accurately reproduce earthquake ground motions and a variety of other input wave forms, and can configured for wide range of testing appLications.It can be used for seismic research and qualification testing of equipment, structural components and scale models. Since the experimental research is an important factor in the developing of the construction industry of Turkey the shaking table Laboratory has been equipped with the most contemporary devices and has become a laboratory of research in order to improve technology in every field of structural and earthquake engineering.


The Shaking Table Laboratory  is operated in a building with 300 m2 . In this laboratory the seismic behavior of three dimensional structures are examined. The structures can be examined through transient dynamic test of any scaled earthquake time history record.

Three shake-tables are operated by the department. The ANCO R-148 is a uni-axial horizontal vibration shake table driven by a servo-hydraulic actuator. The table was designed by ANCO Engineers and it  is capable of carrying a maximum 10-ton payload on the 3 m x 3 m table, and is capable of shaking a 10 -ton payload with 2 g acceleration (i.e. two times the acceleration of gravity in the horizontal direction). The shake table is ideally suited to seismic applications, because the hydraulic actuator can produce a stroke of +/- 12 cm ( 24 cm total stroke). The actuator has a 3-stage servo-valve controlled by an analog inner-loop control system (displacement based), and a digital outer-loop control system (acceleration feedback based). Table motion and data acquisition are carried out by a Data Physics 550 WIN digital data control and acquisition system. The second shake table is a servo electric tri-axial table with dimensions of 0.7m by 0.7m. It is capable of producing three-dimensional independent motion in two horizontal and vertical directions. Test objects with a weight of up to 100 kg can be accommodated over a frequency range of 0-40 Hz.Peak table input of +- 12cm, 1.2 m/s and up to 10 g's are possible. The third shake table is essentially used for calibration and small-scale demonstration purposes. It is an electromagnetic shaker with a testing capacity up to 23 kg and provides one-dimensional (horizontal or vertical) motion.











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