Kandilli Rasathanesi 140. Yılı Kandilli Rasathanesi 140. Yılı
Kandilli Rasathanesi ve Deprem Araştırma Enstitüsü
Kandilli Observatory Celebrates Its 140th Anniversary
Civilized nations have always had the important mission to observe the Earth and the Universe, to try to understand and define them through the analysis of the data collected from those observations and to publish and discuss these acquiring internationally. Kandilli Observatory has been serving for 140 years as a reliable information centre to understand and define the Earth, to minimize the losses from natural disasters and finally to protect the citizens life quality.

States, and previously Empires, has established their economical, martial and political reputation through their existence in the arena of science and technology. Our country has also taken its place among the other nations of the World since the times of the Ottoman Empire through observation and interpretation of natural phenomena. Rasathane-i Amire has started publishing an “Earthquakes Observations” bulletin during 1890s and Harput Madrasah in Elazig has published and Earthquake Report in 1907.

Kandilli Observatory, which was founded in 1868, continues its mission together with education and research activities under the name of ‘Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake and Research Institute’. It is the first Observatory of the Republic of Turkey, and it is organizing the ‘World Observatories Forum’ to be held during 3-5 September, to emphasize its place among the other observatories in the World and to strengthen its ties with them, and also to show national and international joint research and work possibilities. 140th Anniversary activities should be seen as a message from Kandilli Observatory to the World which reflects how Turkey oversees the nature and science as a process from past to present.

For 140 years, Kandilli Observatory has been an Institution under the guidance of science, where it finds its strength from its mission and the support from the citizens; its institutional character from its traditionalism; and its importance from its scientific works.

Kandilli Observatory maintains its well deserved reputation as one of the most known Observatories around the World, due to its scientific activities and sense of responsibility to fulfill the needs of the country. The support it has received from all institutions and citizens in order to carry out its successful activities is to be proud of, and it continues to serve with the experience and energy human kind has accumulated in its struggle with the nature.

Assoc. Prof. Nurcan Meral Özel
World Observatories Forum Coordinator

Kandilli Rasathanesi ve Deprem Araştırma Enstitüsü
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Kandilli Rasathanesi 140. Yılı
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